Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Cross Roads of Technology

As you know my site is High Tech on a budget but there are those very few times when something comes along that is truely at the cross roads of technology. This phone is a combination of revolutionary functionality (Google Droid OS) and superior network performance (Verizon 3G Wireless) packaged in a device with world class specifications.

The fact is that a device with this level of power and performance is a absolute steal at $200.
All the commercials and the reviews tell you all you need to know. But if that isn't good enough I bought this phone and have been nothing but amazed by every aspect. I was impressed with the iphone but not even the Droid could get me to use AT&T. I personally wouldn't buy the iphone because of how its functionality is locked down by Apple but if it were hosted by Verizon I wouldn't consider it a bad decision.

Everyone I've handed my Droid phone to has said 2 things:
1.) "It feels like I know how to use it right away."
2.) "I want this phone."


Motorola Droid Specs:

- Carrier: Verizon <- simply the best
- Available: Now
- Networks: CDMA dual band (800/1900 MHz); CDMA2000 1xRTT/1xEV-DO rev.0/1xEV-DO rev.A
- Display: 3.7-inch screen with 854×480 (16:9 widescreen) capacitive touchscreen
- Camera: 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash and video recording
- Operating system: Google Android 2.0 OS
- Input: QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen
- CPU: 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor <- fastest on the market
- Memory: 256 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
- Memory card: microSD/microSDHC <- comes with 16GB
- Connectivity: GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm HeadPhone Jack
- Misc: AMR-NB/WB, MP3, PCM / WAV, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA
- Media: MPEG-4, H263, H264, WMV
- Form factor:
- Battery: 1400mAh Li-ion
- Talk Time: 420 minutes
- Standby Time: 450 hours
- Dimensions: 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm
- Weight: 169g

The only virus and anti malware solution

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