Friday, June 16, 2017

Put Lineage OS android 7.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 T900

Installation instructions

First install/Clean Flash

Download latest ROM zip file

Download GApps Arm 7.1
(Download latest TWRP and install it) - T900 users need to use a special TWRP linked in Downloads section
T900 use link

Root the device with CF root.

Reboot into recovery    home + volup + power

Make Nandroid backup (recommended)

--I have built a new version of TWRP with the MM kernel. MTP, Vibations, ADB now work and there are performance increases. Link

I used the playstore to flash this file using the official TWRP app. It won't work until rooted
The file from the link above can be selected and flashed or it can be flashed from Odin

Wipe Data, System and (Dalvik) Cache (factory reset is all that is needed)

Flash ROM and GApps from TWRP app in recovery mode.
Reboot into recovery    home + volup + power
Enjoy Resurrection Remix!

Update/Dirty Flash

Download latest ROM zip file
Reboot into recovery
Make Nandroid backup (not needed in most cases, but better to be save if something went wrong)
Flash ROM
Enjoy the update!