Sunday, April 22, 2012

Android is Teething

There is no way to install a bluetooth keyboard driver to Android (more or less).

The problem isn't the drive the problem is pairing a blue tooth keyboard to the phone. If the keyboard has a predefined code such as 1234 then it isn't a problem. Or with Windows 7 the OS gives you a code to type into the keyboard. Well that is the clue.

Pretend the OS gave you a code and make one up. With the RocketFish RF-BTKB2 I simply go to settings on my phone. Then pair with the keyboard. I enter a code I make up into the keyboard then press ENTER. They I enter the same code into the phone as prompted.

You now have a working keyboard.

On the Galaxy S3 the keyboard setup with no aditional software required.

You may want to consider a Logitech diNovo which is a bit too pricey new and has a bit of a learning curve but as a portable keyboard there is nothing it can't do easily.
The logitech diNovo is a really nice keyboard for just about anything. It is small, portable, with a very long range. Sets up with no effort on Android or Windows 7. It has a switch for PS3 as well. (I wish the PS3 switch was on the keyboard instead of behind the battery door.