Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't get caught with your pants down!!!

I did an article on routers from old PC junk.

This is no Clark Kent but some might say is sexier than Lana Lang. Lets face it if your on my sight your too much a Geek and too poor to ever have a shot at her anyways so we might as well get excited about something we can have at my favorite price, FREE.

The monowall concept has evolved into a commercial product that is available free for home use. This is slightly different than the monowall approach in that is sits in front of your NAT home router. It is runs right out of a Red Hat linux distribution which brings you more features with a more power set of networking tools. How do you like the sound of virus scanning before the virus even reaches your machine.

Lets say your kids are on the internet and have infected a computer from the latest game hacker site. Now your internet traffic slows down and you internet connections and bandwidth are being used to commit crimes without your knowledge.

Maybe your just paranoid and would like to know why your connection just slowed down or why your application just locked up. The first step is to ensure your system is clean from virus and rootkit activity. And if they are smarter than you and the experts you need to know whats coming and going on the network. Maybe you just want to pinch off that Bit Torrent traffic that they say is uploading at 6kbps but you can now see is really moving at 300kbps.

Provides core server applications
- mail, web, VPN, backup, file and print services...
Protects network and data
- antivirus, antispam, firewall, intrusion prevention...
Enforces Internet usage policies
- content filter, peer-to-peer filter, bandwidth manager...
Simplifies management and monitoring
- system monitoring, software updates, mail backup.

Clarkconnect provides several very useful networking tools. Along with several daemons, you have the ability to limit bandwidth, filter traffic, etc. Listed below are some popular network services:
  • Samba
  • Apache
  • SSH
  • Squid
  • mySQL
  • ProFTP
  • Squirrel Mail
  • Snort
Keep is simple to save power and money.
  • AMD Athlon 750 MHz
  • 512 MB PC133 SDRAM
  • 20 GB IDE Hard Drive
  • 10/100 On-board NIC
  • Intel Pro 100+ NIC <- Very compatible - since this faces the DSL 100mbs is many times more bandwidth than you DSL provider will allow up and down stream.
Download a ISO and install it to a fresh hard drive on that old junk PC.

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