Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nostromos n52 Windows 7 work around

If you have a n52 and use it all the time you soon realize that you can't live without it. You are almost better off not knowing something like this exists. This piece of hardware is so well made that its going to be around until something better catches your eye. Belkin knows you are addicted and like a crack dealer they want your money. So I don't expect to see a fix for this problem. So here is the work around.

Problem: The n52 loadout manager won't work after sleep or hibernate.

Work around: Unplug the n52 then plug it back in. If you can't unplug it easily remove it from the devices then scan for hardware changes. Open device manager and go to human interface devices.
Disable HUD Compliant Controller then the Nostromos Loadout will launch the re-enable and you will be up and running without pulling cables.

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