Monday, July 26, 2010

Sky Dive? Not Really Sky Drive? Hell Yeah

Mapping Windows Sky Drive to get 25 GIG of free online storage can' t get easier but requires some voodo to pull it off.

Open your browser, and navigate to

Login and then click on a folder to get your CID

or with office live
Copy the UID part of the displayed URL

Sign in with your Windows Live ID.

Leave SkyDrive open, and take note of one of your folder names.
Open Windows Explorer.

On the left sidebar, right-click on Network. Choose Map network drive.
Enter the following URL:

Right Click on Network and select Map Network Drive

Note: Replace “Documents” with “^2Documents”, and “Public” with “^2Public”.

Replace “XYZ” with the folder name you noted and that you want to map.

Choose a drive letter, and submit the dialog.

You will be prompted for your Windows Live ID. Sign in.

Then, you can access all the files and subfolders within your SkyDrive folder, including copying and pasting. You can even open and edit files directly!

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