Friday, July 26, 2013

Upgrading a Honda fit with MediaLink head unit and a Google Nexus Tablet for Waze.

I completed my latest project. This is a receiver with mirrorlink. Anything you can do on the phone you can also do on the stereo. There is some lag so movie viewing isn't worth while but apps, search, navigation, and music are ideal. It required a hacked Italian version of the samsung software and a grounding the safety circuits. I can also control apps like google play and pandora via bluetooth. The solution isn't ideal but beats any new car tech except radar proximity detection. I have a Nexus 7 with Waze running on left as well. This doesn't obscure my vision at all. I sit much higher than the pictures indicate. The picture of the tablet holder is at night so it looks a bit dingy but it matches the dash exactly and is actually suctioned to a rounded surface. The dash holder cost $12 and has absolutely no vibration. The airbag isn't obstructed. For it to be unsafe in a accident I would need to be hit from behind. It isn't as safe as nothing at all but doesn't concern me any more than a phone mount or a GPS.

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inuyin said...

Can you tell me How you did this and What it requires. I would love to setup the in dash nexus 7 for my honda fit 2007