Sunday, January 6, 2008

Same Old Story, Whole New Audiance

OLD Time Radio on a High Tech Budget

I recently saw a CD collection of old time radio shows at a price that would have me eating cat food when I retire. So I decided to search the internet for some free resources. It was like digging up buried treasure.

Remember when humor required creativity and imagination? Before the age of the Monster HD TVs and ipod nanos there was OTR (old time radio). I am providing a list of links to websites hosting OTR broadcasts in mostly MP3 formats.

These were the days of the great story tellers when an entire cast of voice actors and sound men attempted to control your imagination. Next time you take that family road trip put on some old time radio and let your kids experience and enjoy comedy, creativity, and story telling the way their grandparents did. My sons loved the Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury Sci Fi.

Radio Days
Wisconsin Public Radio
Old Time Radio - Free OTR Show Downloads
Flick Lives
Shep Archives


Old Time Radio Rides Again!
Radio Memories
Vintage Radio
botar’s old time radio

Is it Legal? In short YES.

why most OTR shows are not copyrighted

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