Sunday, November 11, 2007

Free Document Templates

Did you ever need to write that bill of sale and all of the sudden realize why you didn't make it into law school. Judge Judy would burst a vein if she read a rental agreement I would come up with. Let experts in many fields take the worry and embarrassment out of doing business for you. These sites are what the Internet is all about. - Scribd gives you advise and info on a wide range of topics. I typed "car loan" and was presented with documents on how to set up your own loan agreement to how to prepare to sell your car. It's like having Dads advise on the Internet. - Docstoc is a resource for professional documents. - Gazhoo is a marketplace where experts upload their documents and people in need pay a small fee to access it. This is a library of document on many topics and subjects. I wouldn't submit a term paper downloaded from this site but it would make a great reference.

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