Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Synergy in the workplace, not what you think?

Synergy allows you to share the same keyboard and mouse across multiple PCs across a network connection.

The process is actually quite simple but Synergy also does it quite well. The program works cross platform with any OS. You can even share the clip board. You tell the application which machine is the server. That machine is the one that has the keyboard and mouse attached. Then you tell the program what machine you will be taking over the contols when your mouse passes the edge of your screen.

Does this replace a KVM switch?
Not really, you still need a keyboard and mouse attached to each computer. Secondly it doesn't support multibox gaming. I have a program I'm working on that will support multibox if I can generate enough interest in it. Right now it can run a macro that controls keystrokes and mouse movements. Synergy sometimes has issues connecting to the server where I find a reboot of one or both systems is required.

Download for Windows - SynergyInstaller-1.3.1.exe

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