Thursday, November 8, 2007

How serious are you about security?

You may be serious about security but knowing what you are doing is another story. This is more than a plug and play application and require some networking and PC skill to implement correctly. There is nothing worse than to think you are safe when you left you keys in the locked door. This product is focused at small and medium business and the home version is free. There is a question whether you need another layer of security. For the business its not only important to secure your network from the outside but its just as important to keep confidential files secure on the inside of your network. Just because your business is small doesn't mean you are one big happy family. This will go in my really Geeky category.

Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance – Turns any PC into a security appliance within minutes, offering maximum deployment flexibility. Download your trial version of the Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance here.
These links bring you to a page to get a login. Once you get a login you can follow my link at the bottom of this post to jump to the free software.

Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance – Ready-to-go virtual machines for VMware environments, helping you to consolidate your IT infrastructure. Download your trial version of the Astaro Security Gateway Virtual Appliance here.

What does it do?
With Astaro Security Gateway Network Protection, network administrators gain a simple and effective way to:

Control network access
. Use the latest stateful deep inspection firewall techniques to control user access in regard to specific information and access times, access times and usage of IM and P2P applications.
Stop intruders. Implement state of the art intrusion prevention technology for in-depth filtering, protecting against more than 6,000 attacks as well as zero day attacks.
Secure remote access. Use SSL, IPSec, L2TP or PPTP protocols to create secure virtual private networks, connecting branch offices and granting remote access to workers.
Optimize performance. Leverage our patent-pending content inspection framework to scan traffic with little or no latency and reserve bandwidth for time-sensitive applications such as VoIP.

Astaro Network Protection

Why should you use it?
Astaro Security Gateway provides complete protection for your network through a single, easy-to-manage solution, featuring a Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and VPN application.
Eliminating the administrative burden and integration issues associated with separate point products, Astaro Security Gateway delivers a fully integrated state-of-the art network protection solution.

The software is free for home use. The link is a little hard to find. They offer a ISO CD download and a VMware version.

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