Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally Grep for windows

Just Added: Rampart Report - A program that allows you to do Boolean searches of log file. This is really a much more powerful GREP for windows. This is a Beta since I just created it and I could use feedback to make it better for everyone.


So you use Linux or Unix how can this help you? It is simple. Do a grep on what you are looking for and save the file to a windows machine. You can use my emulator to do this quickly. Then use the report generator to get the results that aren't so easy to obtain using Linux, GREP or EGREP.

You can search for lines in a file containing any combination of up to 5 search terms. You can search any combination of AND / OR. You can also filter your search.

The program allows you to search multiple files in a directory. You can also specify which lines you would like to pull above and below the line you are searching for. I have also included 3 layers of sub searches.

You should be able to search and filter any combination to get the results you are looking for.

Now GREP on Steroids (Windows Only)

The top box is a search or multiple files where you choose a wild card.

The next box is to search a single file. All of the features work for both search types but the multi file search annotates the report with what file the lines came from in 2 possible ways. The first is marking each line with the file name. The other is inserting a break between the results of each file.

You have 5 search boxes A- E. The check box to the left allows you or AND the search boxes such as (A and B) or C or (D and E).

The list boxes to the right allow you to pull any combination of lines above or below the line you specified in your search. You use click and drag or ctrl click to select or de-select multiple selections.

The with comments checkbox tells you which line was pulled above or below your search.

The exclude search line only pulls the lines above and below and leaves out your search line.

The spaces ckeckbox puts a space 0r newline between each search result.

The sub searches allow you to search again on the results you just search to further filter your results.

You can load a filter from a file. I do this to generate reports and filtering to see the data that is important to me from SYSLOGs.

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