Monday, March 17, 2008

Games Gone Wild, Not Even Close

WildTangent announced Orb, a new PC service designed with compatibility as a primary focus to have the plug it in and start playing experience, the way consoles work today. Orb will act as a portal for "console games," defined here as games designed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and let you download and play games in its entirety or in play sessions, which will cost you via tokens or free through watching advertisements. These ads will be a short spot upfront, then you can play without interruption. THQ and Sierra have signed on, with Sierra promising to bring titles to the service "day and date" with console launches, according to WildTangent CEO Alex St. John.

Up to this point I see one game that I saw in Best Buy for about $15. The system requirements for this game were so low that I wasn't willing to take a chance even for 15 bucks.

Here is the description and link:

Battlestar Galactica
Inspired by the famous series, it's a fast and furious arcade-style space combat. You're the pilot and you must choose to defend the Galactica as a hot shot human flier, or cause havoc as one of the ruthless Cylons as they seek to destroy humanity. Enjoy action packed single-player battles or feel the adrenaline rush of multi player skirmishes with up to 8 players. Avoid annihilation with stealth moves and use destructive weapons like missiles and guns.

My final thoughts on this: can we trust this company? Wasn't this company the notorious Wild Tangent Adware company that made out lives miserable. Maybe they are putting their talents to something more productive and enjoyable. If the big names show up then I can see this being a big hit.

The reason Windows Live for the PC is failing is because of the monthly fee for online play. We are burdened enough with the high cost of these games and a monthly fee for every dam thing. Get your freaken hands out of my pocket. Just follow the Steam model, follow the Sony model and stop what is the real piracy of the 21st century.

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