Thursday, December 20, 2007

Close the Video Performance GAP with GAPI

GAPI for Handheld PC

The Dell Axim has dedicated video memory and will out perform any PDA on the market if the correct drivers are installed. GAPI takes us one set further with Directx for the PDA

While DirectX was not available to game developers for the Pocket PC platform, Microsoft created a game API especially for the Pocket PC named "GAPI" -- the game application programming interface.

It allows direct and fast access to the display memory.

GAPI for HPC's is an binary and sourcecode compatible version for Windows CE based devices.

With this package many PocketPC applications like games, media players, GPS navigators and emulators are now also usable on Windows CE devices.
Some PocketPC applications needs additionally the AYGSHELL.DLL. You can find this in several PocketPC- fake- DLL packages.

Supported Windows CE operating systems:
-Windows CE 3.0 (HPC 2000)
-Windows CE .NET 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
-Gizmondo (CE 4.2)
-Windows CE 5.0

The site has a great CECalc download and a few good games as well.

Tweaked GAPI driver for Dell Axim

Part 1 - BetaPlayer
Part 3 - DVD to PDA (I have other methods on my blog to make this happen)

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