Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is it Hot or what?

Weather, Sport Scores, News for just about any mobile device.

Ok maybe this isn't that hot or even that cool but FREE Pocket Express from Handmark offers some nice features at your fingers tips. You could fetch much of this from the web yourself. With pocket express when you get weather radar info and news you know it is always nicely formatted to fit your mobile device and its always at your fingertips.

The subscription service is a bit pricey at $10 a month offering travel information such as flight status and directory assistance.
It seems that the Google G-PHONE is in our future and this may be the direction it is headed in. If I owned Handmark I would have a flat $24 per year for the full service option. I'm sure it would out sell the $99 plan.

With that said the Exexutive Package offers one of the coolest and most useful mobile features for yet another $30 a year on top of the $99 full subcription. This feature is well worth the price if you travel often. Let's say you are on vacation in Sarasota Florida and need more detailed info on what pizza place is the highest rated, or maybe you want to see if that sale item is really worth buying. You might want a quick review of a movie or game that you see at the store.

Don't call your idiot brother:

24/7 Mobile Cierge live personal assistant
Help with almost any request any time of any day

The Assist feature, located on the PageOne interface, offers a whole new level of service and convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – anywhere in the world. With one click speak to a live MobileCierge representative who will help with almost any request.

Express Assist features the world’s first mobile personal assistant service, MobileCierge. MobileCierge is staffed with experts in everything from restaurant referrals to medical care and travel assistance. This feature allows Pocket Express customers to experience a whole new level of service and convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – anywhere in the world for a minimal fee. For an unpreccidented value, check out the NEW Elite Edition and save nearly $30 a year on Express + Mobile Cerge

Here is a list of Supported Devices

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