Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So are you Certifiable - Free THX optimizer program

So you have that THX certified receiver or HD Monster Screen TV and followed that guide that was included in the instructions manual but what is the point of THX if your setup is way out of spec. THX provides a optimization program on many THX certified DVDs.

THX Optimizer

For the best possible playback, each THX Certified DVD features THX Optimizer, an easy-to-use on-screen calibration tool for home theater systems. THX Optimizer helps you fine-tune your audio and video settings through a series of test signals. These test signals allow you to match the reference levels used during the DVD mastering process – giving you the exact sound and picture presentation that the filmmaker wanted you to experience.

THX Optimizer offers a quick and easy solution on how to set color, tint, contrast and sharpness, as well as check speaker assignments, phase and crossovers on your surround sound system.

Choose from the following list for detailed instructions on each test signal.



For Pixar's Advanced Test Pattern instructions, please select from these feature presentations:

Click the link below the search box to view the entire list.

Nice home theater setup guide.

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