Thursday, December 20, 2007

From Cradle to Grave

DVD to Pocket PC or Just to Archive for FREE

FREE process to take a DVD that you purchased and rip it to a DivX or Xvid format

BEFORE starting:

* The latest and proper-for-your-machine DivX and XviD codecs
* A copy of FAIR USE LE (free)
* A copy of BetaPlayer

For pocket PC users you may want to have direct video memory access for smoother performance: GAPI for Handheld PC’s

Put the DVD into your DVD drive

Launch Fair Use LE

In the FINAL FILE SIZE box enter the output size of the movie. The bigger the better but keep in mind that you may need to fit it on your portable device.

Choose to encode in either XviD or DivX format

Click FULL AUTO MODE at the bottom left

Click NEXT at the bottom right

Click the CREATE NEW PROJECT radio option and name the output file and where it will be created.

This is a 1 to 3 hour process depending on the performance of your PC

This movie will now play on your PDA using BetaPlayer.

Part 1 - BetaPlayer
Part 2 - video acceleration (pedal to the metal)

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