Tuesday, December 18, 2007

FREEDOM not Free the dumb

I'm sorry you bought an iphone. I'm sorry Apple chose the worst cell provider in the world (AT&T). I'm sorry they are robbing you blind for the level of services they provide. Apple has chosen to enslave its customers with DRM on the IPOD so whats to stop them on the Idiot Phone. Well http://iphonesimfree.com has a legal solution.

They have 2 links from mass media outlets such as CNN where industry experts discuss product. None of this is High tech on a budget but it makes me feel good to help.

Life is a popularity contest, as we are seeing the most popular may look good on the surface but is rarely the best choice.

I don't own a iphone and can not make a recommendation. You need to make a decision for yourself based on the information provided by iphonesimfree.com (Apple could brick your phone)

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