Sunday, October 14, 2007

The amazing / powerful - mojopac - FREE

Free virtual desktop for mobile storage.
I bought 2 licenses and it was well worth the money. Since it's now free what do you have to loose. I loaded it on a 1gig USB and a 100gig harddrive.

This app lets you launch a Windows desktop and run your own apps without in any way changing the host desktop. I've used it on Games, MMOs, and to surf the web. At work I can tell you that your IT department will be able to read the contents of the drive like any USB drive but I don't think they can tell you have it running. Of course your internet traffic will always be visible by packet snifers.

This is great when at a friend's house or web surfing from work. It also makes a great application test environment. For all practical purposes its a virtual PC. You can easily switch from your virtual desktop to your host.

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