Saturday, October 27, 2007

Software Unistall - The best offense is a good defense

The idea is well founded. Watch a install process so you can reverse the steps to uninstall.

First of all you need to practice common sense when installing applications to your PC. I look at it like inviting someone into your home. The problem is its not just a house guest. The program might have the ability to severely invade your privacy or best case annoy the hell out of you.

I'm going to review 3 free products.
Revo is the only freeware that supports Vista and it appears to be the best solution that just so happens to be free.
__________________________________ - free version is 2 releases old
Compatible with 32-bit editions:Windows 2000, XP
Full version: 2003, Vista - $20

Free version available at:

Download link:

The program will then create a snapshot of your system before it installs the new software and an additional snapshot after install completes. It then compares the two snapshots and displays all changes in a graphical tree view, marking all registry values and/or files that have been added or changed.

Ashampoo - Magic?

They have been doing this for quite some time and for windows XP it might be the best choice for the novice. This does not support Vista.


Revo is the man
Full support with some nice added features. Vista support, and FREE.
Compatible with 32-bit editions:Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Link to a good review of Revo:

Wouldn't it be nice if life came with an uninstaller that didn't require dying.

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