Monday, October 29, 2007

The hunt for the lowest price begins

There are loads of websites that help you find the lowest price. There isn't always a best place to search.

I prefer because it usually fishes out the lowest price (which it did again in my test today). They also include the shipping costs in any comparison. The main interface lets you scan over a range of products in a category that allows you to maybe upgrade to a better model of what you are looking for, for less money in some cases. The global price comparison also lets you see where technology takes a big price leap. I usually buy the best product just before the price jump. An example of this would be a search for CPUs. I can compare Intel vs. AMD. I can then compare models. For example we see a $45 jump from a Athlon 5200 to a 5400 CPU. Oddly enough the 5600 only has a $20 jump from the 5200 which means it comes in at $20 less that the 5400. The idea here is that you get to see all the prices side by side to make a comparison.

Price watch does a good job policing its retailers. One thing to look for is a GSA contract. If a retailer has special GSA pricing they have to go through a rigorous process to get the licence and they tend to have fairly low prices to compete with other government contractors. The GSA price is a percentage below the retail price.

Today we are hunting for:
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard - Retail at NewEgg
Original Price: $71.99 You Save: $4.00 $67.99($47.99 after $20.00 Mail-In Rebate)

All of the items below have access to the manufactures rebate. - 68.90 - includes shipping - from (I never heard of these guys and neither has CNET - 67.99 - Includes shipping from NewEgg - 67.84 ($8.00 shipping) - From mwave (good company, great support) - 67.84 ($8.00 shipping)- mwave again - 67.99 - Includes shipping from NewEgg - not online yet - brought me to multiple stores offing the product. It might be a good start if you want to find the product at a local store. - 68.90 - includes shipping - from (I never heard of these guys and neither has CNET - Multiple prices, they include current rebates to help you find a deal that might be passed up. They also show past rebates so if you can wait these usually cycle around. - $70.70 - shipping $9.40 - total $80.10 - $63.99 - $9.95 shipping - Total $73.94 - - $66.99 shipping $9.28 - total $76.27 - waste of time

Buying DVDs Online:

Members of get a discount at deepdiscount whick will usually produce the best price.

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