Friday, October 12, 2007

rampart-ssh terminal emulator now supports VT100 logging

Simply the fastest most reliable terminal emulator on the internet. The best part is it is free.

Supports all SSH and telnet including VT100

Do you perform mission critical operations?

Pasting text into router configs - you better know whats on that clipboard before you paste it.
Connected to console ports remotely - you better not loose your connection or have a application crash in the middle of mission critical work.

Seven windows open with hours of outage data and troubleshooting then your emulator crashes. Why put up with this?

Your boss wants to know exactly what you did on that router and when you did it. Can you tell him?

Work faster and more efficiently - Rampart-SSH is faster than any other emulator and includes 3 active log files and a buffer log at you finger tips. No more scrolling thousands of lines to trace back you work. Clear your mind, let the tool manage the work flow so you can concentrate on troubleshooting.

Light (it has a small memory foot print)
One stop shop - Command menus, Links, and tools at your finger tips so you stay organized and focused.

There is embedded advanced Cisco MPLS VPN troubleshooting that ends the cut and paste nightmare with a click of a button. You simply do "show ip vrf int" then point at the interface and right click. You will be able to generate a list of all of the useful VPN commands pre-built for that interface or sub interface. You right click any of those commands and paste and execute them in your terminal. No typing required to ping or do any show commands.

Just Added: VT100 terminal logging. The application will log VT100 format data

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