Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NewEgg Serious Gamer Rig for people on a budget.

Check it out at:

NewEgg Serious Non - Gamer Rig for people on a budget.

Power Supply: $24.99
Processor: $75- See the upgrade option at the bottom of this post
Motherboard: $75
Memory: $60 with rebate - WOW
Hard Drives X2: $54 each - $110 for striped RAID - RAID is a must for performance. The hard drive is a huge performance bottleneck.
The Raid will noticeably speed this up for video capture, editing, and gaming. Even for something as simple as surfing the web if you follow my Operating system configuration guide.

Case: $50
Operating System: $111 (optional)

$343 ($502 with OS and case)

Add IN:Video Card: $119.99 with rebate (optional for the non-gamer with this rig.)

$463 - Serious Gamer on a budget

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