Monday, October 22, 2007

Hit a Home Run with HostDepartment Web Hosting

Here is the pitch:
I currently use HostDepartment after extensive research while looking for a web hosting provider that offered unlimited service. This provider was ranked 11 out of hundreds for up time and customer satisfaction. So you ask, why not use one of the other 10?

Simple, they don't come close to offering what Hostdepartment offers for half the price. First of all in the top 10, the margins were tight. Secondly, hostdepartment offers the greatest range of services. Non of the others offered ASP and .NET.

I used 1&1 for 3 horrifying years. They gave away the full package. Most of the time it didn't work. When it did I never found out what went wrong. Customer service was non-existent. When I did get them online or the phone they acted like they were doing me a favor.

Go Daddy is almost impossible to navigate. In one case the GoDaddy support couldn't direct me to a link to find the FTP hostname (he was trying to be helpful and friendly though). I won't manage a GoDaddy site just out of past frustration. Also much of what GoDaddy advertises HostDepartment does cheaper or free without the severe limits. From the GoDaddy ads we see that big breasts sell web hosting and it seems like the same girl in the ads designed their user interface.

So why don't I host my own web server? What's the point, Hostdepartment can do anything I need and gives me features that are too time consuming to manage on my own. If you want to do it, you may as well do it right.

Unlimited Bandwidth - I have software free for download, I don't have to worry about getting billed extra or having my site blocked. Besides, run a good sized web site and watch how much bandwidth you consume just managing it. Also they have huge pipes out to the Internet.

Unlimited Space - I host photo sites and historical software archives with no worries. You can't use this as personal file storage. Basically you can't expect to store your entire DVD collection on your site. Just about anything else I'm sure you can get away with.

Unlimited URLs - I host many websites for fun and business. My Dad, the church, my sons, and friends all have their own space to develop pages. I pay the same monthly fee. There is a $13 charge to register the URL with DNS. But after that its free for life.

7/24 Support - They provide online and by phone support and they usually are assisting me in seconds. When the problem gets technical they have support engineers working with me to solve my problem. In many cases the problems were related to my code and compatibility with the web server. They would assist me in each case to make sure I could achieve my goals. Sometimes it was a matter of pointing out bugs in my code.

The SHIFT guarantee:
excerpt from a letter sent to HostDepartment customers:
What the SHIFT Guarantee basically offers is that if you eventually decide to move to another web host, which mean we have been unsuccessful in convincing you to keep using our services, we will pay your first month hosting fee at your new web host, in CASH. Payable immediately after you sign up with your new web host via PayPal or a credit directly to your credit card account.

They have various packages that offer different levels of service. If you manage a bunch of sites for family or business you can also be your own re-seller. This is a offered as a seperate package. For your personal and your business use you can host as many sites you want. Read the fine print for details.

I did the ground work for you. I tested this service for a year with very little growing pains. Click one of the banner ads and Hostdepartment will give me a finders fee if you purchase a package. If you have questions that their support can't help you with I likely can. I have lots of friends and developers with accounts that can help me to answer your questions also.

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