Sunday, October 21, 2007

Starbucks and Tmobile are too COLD for my blood

Free Wireless Hot Spots - what you need to know before you hit the road.
Starbucks make some damm good coffee but they make some good money as well. I pay enough for the coffee so how about some free WiFi. Starbucks is partnered with Tmobile providing WiFi for the Insane, I mean insanely rich, I mean at insanely high prices. The only thing good for you and your wallet at Starbucks is the water (from the tap), everything else will cost you in one way or another.

When your out of town make it a bit more of an adventure. Look at it like finding that hidden treasure and try something that you don't do everyday at home. This is your opportunity.

My favorite:
You just add the state code like shown below for NC.

The site is easy to follow providing links to the shops offering the free service where available.

Jwire has it all.

Free Offline and Online tools:

With JiWire Hotspot Helper for Windows XP adds security, email help, and Hotspot locations that you can lookup without being connected.

Wi-Fi Hotspot finder works with XP and Mobile devices, including the IPHONE.

ToolBars and Widgets add support for the MAC and Support for SKYPE.

WiFi Zones

HotSpot Haven



Here is a eweek article with more listings:,1759,1611879,00.asp

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