Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bite the hand that feeds you!!!
To sum this up ITUNES is going to imbed your name and email address in the songs you pay for.

The RIAA is going to use this information to sue you when your music gets into the wrong hands.

Lets say your IPOD is stolen. I know that can't happen because there is no way you or one of your kids would ever let it out of sight. It will be your job to convince a jury that your IPOD was stolen as you face a multi million dollar law suit because your songs were shared on the internet. Even if your IPOD was stolen, you are still negiligent and as a result you will pay damages to the recording industry. Once a victim, always a victim.

If you are a ITUNES customer you may as well hand over your car keys to your alcoholic brother-in-law. Its going to cost you far less when you get sued then when the RIAA gets you in their sights. You people are like a herd of Bison crossing a river. The weak will get picked off one at a time but every once in a while a strong one gets pulled down.

We need a reform of the copyright laws to protect our privacy. Copyrights should last no more than 7 years. In other words that copyright holder should still have the sole right to make money (profit) off the content but after the content has been available to the public it should become available for not for profit public use after 7 years.

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