Saturday, October 20, 2007

Format FAT32 > 32GB on Windows XP

FAT32 Format in Windows XP

Windows XP doesn't let you format a large hard drive in anything but NTFS
Why would you need to format a > 32GB hard drive in Windows XP with the FAT32 file system?

If you want to share files across Vitual Machines or if you want to format a stand alone multimedia player or device you can't use NTFS.

I ran into Microsoft's crippled format utility. Here is a method that allows you to format any size hard drive as FAT32 in Windows XP.

Download this utility:

I extracted this into the Windows directory so it would be in the system path. This app runs from the command prompt. If you extracted this into the WIndows directory you click the START button, RUN, then type in cmd. When a black box pops up you simply type "fat32format g:" where g: is the drive letter you are trying to format.

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Massimo said...

It worked, thanks!