Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sysinternals - The MRI for the PC

From the FOX TV show "House", Hugh Laurie plays genius Dr. Gregory House. He is the guy in the middle of course. You can watch these and other FOX TV shows online.

House will order a MRI at the costs of thousands of dollars to diagnose an ingrown toe nail. The one time a patient comes in looking like she got run over by a Bus. House says she doesn't have any internal injuries and doesn't order a MRI. As it turns out, she did get run over by a bus and needed the MRI.

Unlike the extremely expensive tests Dr. House runs to diagnose a patients problems, Sysnternals is free. Like the MRI, SysInternals can tell you everything you ever needed to know and more. For this reason I recommend you use the link to Microsoft at the top of this page to find what you need. I watched the process evolve after Microsoft bought SysInternals. I would like to give Microsoft a "DIGITAL HIGH FIVE" not only offering these tools for free but for the great job they did on their web site presenting them to the customer.

Featured Resources
File and Disk Utilities - Utilities for viewing and monitoring file and disk access and usage.
Networking Utilities - Networking tools that range from connection monitors to resource security analyzers.
Process Utilities -Utilities for looking under the hood to see what processes are doing and the resources they are consuming.
Security Utilities - Security configuration and management utilities, including rootkit and spyware hunting programs.
System Information - Utilities for looking at system resource usage and configuration.
Miscellaneous Utilities -A collection of diverse utilities that includes a screen saver, presentation aid, and debugging tool.

Feeling greedy?
The entire sysinternals suite in one download:

In your case I hope the patient lives.

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