Sunday, October 14, 2007

Free online tools and APPS

  • Flickr Toys

  • Flickr Tool List - The master list of all things Flickr.

  • Trading Card Maker

  • Picture Captioner

  • Rock You - Create image slideshows with captions

  • Bubblr - Make comic strips of your photos a la Comic Life.

  • Bubble Share - Similar to Rock You, but without the myspace feel.

  • Pixoh - Edit your images online.

  • AjaxDraw - Draw pictures online.

  • Citation Maker - Create work cited pages online.

  • Gabbly - Chat with anyone who is on your website.

  • Gliffy - Organize your thoughts graphically online.

  • goOffice - Write Word documents and do desktop publishing. (Spreadsheet and Presentation creation is coming.)

  • iRows - Create spreadsheets in a fully functioning online Excel clone.

  • Conversate - Collaborate on new ideas and writing projects.

  • Rally Point - Similar to Conversate, but with more extensive saving and writing options.

  • Zoho Writer - Create Word documents without Word.

  • Writeboard - Another way to create and collaborate on written documents.

  • Think Free - The most extensive and beautifully laid out Office replacement.

  • Writely - An online word processor that has the support of Google.

  • Jump Cut - Create and Edit movies in real time without buying video editing software.

  • Ajax Translator - Translate your words into another language in real time.

  • Jot Spot Live - Take notes collaboratively.

  • Ning

  • Vaestro - Make an audio forum online.

  • Yack Pack - Similar to Vaestro, perhaps with an easier interface.

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Clint said...

Thanks for including Gliffy on your list. We are always looking for feedback so please let us know what you thought after your use of Gliffy. Best! debik (at) gliffy (dot) com